Darjeeling the Enchanted Hills Of Beauty and Tradition

Published: 26th April 2012
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At an elevation of 2134 from the vast unending plains of West Bengal lies the Queen of Hills that is known to the world as Darjeeling. The title “Queen of Hills” was given by the Britishers who were the colonial rulers of India. The beauty and the charm of Darjeeling appealed to them so much that they began to settle down here. The name Darjeeling has been derived from the word “Dorjee-Ling” which means the Land of the Thunder, a name that perfectly suits the place.

Darjeeling is a place that seems to have been painted right out of a fairy tale setting. The high rising snow covered mountains of the Kanchendzonga range paints the horizon, the dark green coloured tea gardens clothe the valleys and hillocks, fir, cedar, birch, magnolia and rhododendron trees line the winding roads, centuries old monasteries sanctify and bless the place, rain fed waterfalls cascade beside the roads, scenic views catch your eye from almost every place of the hill station, fresh clean air envelopes the entire place, and amazing trekking trails, rock climbing, river rafting make up the adventurous side. Such is Darjeeling the queen of hills.

To make the most of beauty, peace and adventure that lays here book our Darjeeling tour packages. There are many places of interest that make up this beautiful place and some of the most well known places to see and things to do here would be:-

The Joy Ride- this particular thing to do is a must when in the Queen of Hills. The “Joy Ride” refers to the slow chugging ride aboard the steam powered toy train that runs from the main town of Darjeeling till Ghoom which is the highest point in Darjeeling. This particular joy ride takes on a beauty filled journey that you will never forget in your life. The sceneries that one witness from aboard this train can be seen via no other vehicle as the tracks that this toy train runs on is not accessible by any other means of transport.

The Tiger Hill Observatory- situated at an elevation of 2555 meters this is the highest point in Darjeeling. As this place is situated at a greater elevation than that of the town the views from this place are spectacular. The most well known sight that one can get here is that of the sun rise. As the sun rises from the yonder horizon the Kanchendzonga range is bathed in a splash of orange, red, crimson and yellow. This spectacular sight spellbinds any traveler who witnesses this mesmerizing phenomenon.

The Padmaja Naidu Zoological Park- this Zoological park is home to some of the most rarest and endangered animals of the world. The Red Panda, Snow leopard, clouded leopard, Himalayan black bear and the Royal Bengal tiger are some of the highlights of the park.

Other than these places there are many more to visit and see when on a Darjeeling tours such as the vast tea gardens, the Japanese temple, the peace pagoda, the Bengal national history museum, adventure sports such as trekking, rock climbing, parasailing, river rafting etc.

After a visit to this beautiful queen of hills one can travel to another place of beauty that is just a few hours away called Sikkim. A visit to this place of splendor can be done with the help of our Sikkim tour packages.

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